My friend’s sex trip Story

Hello again, sometime back we college friends planned for a trip, though not from college side but ourselves. But as obvious, at home we (specially girls) informed at home that we are going as a college trip. the place we had planned was a perfect package as a tourist place, with beach, forest, hill station..Everything with bit distance apart. We guys planned, and purposefully declared in front of girls…to provoke them…so they too joined eventually. 6 guys, 4 girls not bad!

When we reached there, we had booked 2 rooms, one for guys and one for girls. It was a 3 day trip. The second day plan was to go for boating in the beach morning 9 o clock, all are ready, as usual, I am the laziest one who went last to take bath. All were eagerly waiting for boating so they asked me to join after bath and they would leave now to beach. They left.

I had kept my underwear towel watch everything on the bed. Since I was inside, these guys had not locked the room from outside. Someone came running to room with chain sound. I cud make out it was one of our friend(a gal). In fact what had happened is even she has made it late and she don’t know the way to go to beach she has come to check if any of us there to take her to beach.

Obviously she has seen my clothes outside and came to know that someone is taking bath inside. We exchanged our identities and decided that she’ll wait for me so that we can go together my dirty mind made me to let the tap run making water sound and peep out from the key hole(ever imagined key for bathroom, well it was there here I don’t know for what sake!)

She went and locked the main door from inside and started touching my underwear. she checked the shape…my god that day I had chosen v-shaped. Smelled it…of course it was smelling my white liquid thing. She made a kind of face. She had worn black skirt. Knee length with a green loose top.

Shower sound was still coming. her one hand slowly went under her skirt and lifted it a bit and fiddled on her organs for 2 -3 seconds then she took out. Then she put her other hand inside her top from her neck side and fiddled there for 2-3 seconds and took out quickly. Don’t know from where she got the courage, she asked..”you like black color?”

I said “… yes”
she “see how i guessed..” giggled.
me “hmmm underwear color is black so have guessed…”
she “so what color of undies you have worn now?”
I looked down..nothing looked at the one lying in the corner and said “blue.”

Come on…i can ask too…
me “what is your panty color today?”
she “hmmm buess”
me “black?”

She “u r right…how did u guess?”
i wanted to say i saw when u lifted your skirt but did not.
me “i can. what’s your panty shape?”
She “V-shaped”
me “oh like mine only…our thoughts are same i think..”
she ” ya i think so..”

Me “i want towel”
she “u want me or towel”
me “u with towel…”
then i unlocked the door.
a whitish, soft hand with bangles peeked inside with towel and she jiggled her bangles as signal.

I held towel..then her hands and pulled inside a lovely face bending down the head with towel entered the shower room her body size was well under my hands hug space. I pulled her to my wet body and hugged tightly. She looked down and opened her eyes wide and made sound “oh my god”…I had not worn underwear u see…and the cock had grown to its full size.

And since she was small, it settled well between her much as that I could have fucked her over her silky smooth skirt only…her hands had clutched my back the shower had made her completely wet and her thin top and skirt got stick to her skin ..revealing all her body curves. she was so smooth that I could have crushed under my tight hug itself…so I was careful..

Then our lips locked..I licked her lips one by one and rolled my tongue inside her mouth..I bit her cheeks…i hands squeezed her boobs over top and they were like sponge…round…pointing right into my chest…lifted my fight leg and put it around her hips moved my hands inside her back part of skirt and squeezed her little round hips too over her v shaped panty..and pressed her hips hard towards me so that my cock find its way..

Over the skirt only then we released our hug looked eye into eye..breathing heavily..water drops coming down her hairs ..eye brows and lips. I made her to sit on the commode..removed her top…lifted her skirt and slowly inserted my cock inside her tight virgin pussy…she cried “ammaaaaa”…no one cud hear from outside since the shower was on then I banged and banged till I got tired and she enjoyed the every movement of it. Then I lay over the floor my cock still inside her pussy… and made her to lay over me.

We rested in that position…with water shower running on her back after 5 mins, she again started moving her hips up and down…I just kept my smooching her and hands tightly pressed her boobs against my chest she kept fucking me from top till she got tired then we got up…she dried my body with towel…I dried her body…I packed her clothes in a cover gave my night pant and t shirt to wear she went to her room to dress up and I dressed up too then we went to beach..till we reached beach..our hands holding each other’s..She resting her head on my shoulder..Sometimes hugging

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