Finally lost the virginity Story

My name’s Abhay and this incident happened when I was in the first year of college. I wasn’t exactly an extrovert but I used to make contacts easily. I fell in love with my classmate and she easily accepted my proposal let me describe her she was a cute and gorgeous girl,19 years of age, fair, about 5 feet 6 inches in height(shorter than me by just an inch),slim and quite open minded her figure may have been 32,26,36 maybe when in public she never acted “wild” though, but with close friends and me she was quite a different person.

She was from Gujrat whereas I was a locality we used to spend most of our spare time together she was quite curious about sex but she was also a very delicate girl physically so she was afraid of going all the way most of the times we just used to feel our bodies sometimes we used to be completely nude & fooling around she had told me that I was a good kisser myself when i had taught her to play tongue hockey both of us were virgins & really didn’t have the courage to lose our virginity to each other-till one day a strange incident happened.

I had gone to her room to pick her up one day she was staying with her friend who was famous as one of the “wild” girls of the college as I went to her room, I saw that the door was open. I thought it common as there were no other girls in that building at that time as I slightly pushed the door open I saw my girlfriend and her roommate wrapped in the same blanket, apparently nude, kissing each other very passionately a laptop was in front of her and a lesbian porn movie was playing on it.

I was shocked and excited both as my girlfriend saw me, she got frightened and told me to wait for her outside after a couple of minutes she came out wearing a sleeveless top and short pants that covered half of her thighs, crying when I asked her what was the matter she hugged me & said that now I can’t tolerate it let me tell this to you she had gone with 4 of her friends on a college picnic trip all the other girls were comparatively uglier than her but all of them were famous for being fun-loving throughout the college though my girlfriend was from a very conservative family,

She was a big rebel one night at the picnic all the girls had a truth or dare game and my girlfriend lost she was ordered to strip completely, which was nothing big for her since already all of them were wearing very skimpy clothes but what followed was unexpected she didn’t know that all the other girls were lesbian as she stripped, the other girls came near her and started touching kissing and feeling her and also each other initially, my girlfriend got scared so she didn’t co-operate the others but as they kept on doing it she had started to enjoy it.

Now all of them had stripped and were nude one of the girls kissed her while other put her fingers in my girlfriend’s pussy slowly they were making more rough movements my girlfriend’s breasts were being rubbed by another girl the group’s most wild girl Anisha had put a cucumber in the girls anus who was kissing my girlfriend they were moaning loudly and were even abusing each other as Preety’s navel was kissed by a girl in that large hotel room, Anisha asked her-does your boyfriend give you more pleasure than i do?

She said yes this annoyed Anisha and she began to make more rough and passionate movements as my girlfriend was the most beautiful, they played with her body the most, but they told her that they wouldn’t be too rash with her, as they wanted her to break her hymen doing real sex with her boyfriend, as its pleasure can’t be compared with any lesbian sex after they finished touching, kissing and playing with her body Anisha told her “you are the newest of our group so tonight you get the liberty to go to any level with every girl here.

No matter how merciless your behavior is, no one is going to stop you my girlfriend chose Priyanka as she was the second most gorgeous girl in that group she rubbed her feet on piranha’s body which Priyanka reciprocated by doing the same thing then she kissed Priyanka and told her to close her eyes after she did so, my girlfriend Anushka started sucking her pussy till juices flowed from Priyanka’s pussy in some way or the other, she played with all the other girls’ body too this went on for about

3 hours which was followed by all the girls bathing together while bathing they took turns putting the shower in each other’s pussies her room-mate was Priyanka and so after they came back from the trip, her activities continued with Priyanka had even once put a cucumber in Anushka’s anus and had penetrated her own pussy using its other side they used to watch lesbian porno movies and do something naughty almost every naughty.

Telling me all this, Anushka kissed me and said that she felt guilty about all this as she was from quite orthodox family she told me that the other girls at least had regular sex with their boyfriends, while she was still a virgin as far as heterosexual activities were concerned she told me that she was afraid that she may become a lesbian permanently. “no” I told her after hearing her confession.” I don’t want to interfere with your choices,

But to make you feel better we will make love tomorrow you can yourself compare both the activities and decide on your own” she smiled and accepted it, wiping my tears and lowering her eyes, feeling shy. I felt that if I didn’t want to lose her this was supposed to be the best experience for her. I hoped that I would be able to try my best at least. I made preparations for the big night as she came in & locked the door, I admired seeing her she was wearing a thick noodle-straps sleeve-less top and knee-length skirt.

She was looking very cute. I put on some slow romantic music ,took her hands in mine she smiled as we danced to it for some time, hugging each other then we sat down close to each other do you want to be more comfortable? I asked her she shyly said yes earlier she had stripped many times in front of me so it wasn’t anything new for us as she stripped, so did I now both of us were in our under garments. I switched on the TV and started playing a movie which

I had brought on purpose it contained some nice honeymoon scenes which kept on becoming more intense as it progressed she watched it with me for about half an hour hugging me and then suddenly said “let’s make love” looking into my eyes the moment she said this, I freed her hair which was tied using a hair-band. I caressed her hair, running my fingers through it she did the same to my hair then I took both her hands into mine and kissed her passionately for some time.

She started playing tongue hockey with me which I also did to her then I removed her bra & kissed her shoulders and her neck after kissing any part of her body I used to touch it with my hands then I kissed her arm after this she took my hand and put it on her breasts she told me to rub them hard after doing so for some time, she moaned then I started kissing her breasts and cleavage after that I proceeded to her navel then she told me to remove her panties which was difficult for me unless she co-operated,

So halfway through she took it down and out of her legs after this I kissed her thighs and lower legs, feet from front and back her face told me that she was enjoying it immensely then she urged me to strip so now I was completely nude she saw my erect cock for the first time then she faced her back and told me to squeeze her buttocks, as I did it and kissed them I moved to kiss her back. then I bit her ear lobes and squeezed her breasts and caressed her navel from behind now she was lying down on her tummy on the bed she told me to make anal love with her.

I told her that some women find it even more painful than vaginal sex but she told me that she didn’t want me to be any merciful towards her from now on she begged for it so I put my cock in her tiny anus she screamed as I took us about 10 minutes until she told me that “now don’t push further” after taking rest I started making forward and backward movements which she started enjoying after some minutes when my semen flowed she told me to stop. I took it out she told me to lie down and close my eyes to feel a surprise she bit my ear lobe and hugged me tight from behind.

After this she lied on her back and told me to come on top of her. then she took my index finger in her mouth and sucked it after this I asked her if she would like to swallow my actual cock she wiped it with her tongue and took it inside, giving me an awesome blow job-later she told me that she had seen videos of girls sucking cucumber many times! After I cum I took it out now she shyly told me that it was my time to pleasure her now. I asked her if I can suck her pussy she shyly smiled.

I sucked it passionately after i tasted her juice she told me that she had cum many times before I sucked it now she caressed my lips with her fingers while I did the same we kissed for some time then she hugged me, crossing her legs around my waist suddenly she asked me if she could rub my cock using her hands then we played with our own and each other’s genitals after which I cum again then she told me that she had fantasized about making love in the shower so we went inside my bathroom,

Opened the shower and as I ran outside to bring the condom she swayed in the water enjoying herself then I covered my cock using the condom and she hugged me lying above me, both of us wet as I put my cock deep inside her pussy slowly, tears rolled out of her eyes as she asked me to check whether she was bleeding, her hymen now burst. I saw that it was the case and she said that she loved me then I kissed her passionately,

Bit her breasts while making forward and backward movements after I removed my cock from her pussy she told me that all her problems were vanished now & we slept in the same blanket, fully nude hugging each other. I thanked her for everything, she smiled again we have been in the relationship three years now and now she’s my fiancé, having engaged to me officially.

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