The Best Travel Sex Story

I am Pankaj. I work for a pharmaceutical company these days and have to travel a lot. I travel by bus or train as most of them are overnight journeys. This one travel I would never forget in my life. I was waiting for the bus at the bus station when I saw this beautiful young lady, dressed in a half sari (traditional attire of a Telugu girl), kept her luggage very close to my luggage and was urging the elderly person to go back. The old man nodded his head but would not leave. She was getting impatient for some reason and was insisting that he leave immediately.

He again nodded but stood there pleading that he would leave after the bus leaves. He walked up to me and asked where I was headed to and I politely told him “Tirupati”. He started talking to me to avoid his daughter pestering him. He had so many questions to ask and I politely kept replying to all. I ensured that he should see me admiring his daughter. He asked if I was native of Tirupati, if I lived there, if yes, where at Tirupati and the moment I answered he virtually grabbed my hand and told me that he was so glad to meet me.

I stood there confused not knowing why he was so glad. He then introduced me to Ramya, his daughter. We shook hands. He started telling her how well he knew my father and that he had worked in the same department under him. That is when I realized the reason of his happiness. He told me that Ramya was also travelling to Tirupati alone for the first time and he was worried, but now that he met me, he was happy and asked me to take care of her. I was more than willing to oblige but pretended not to be thrilled by his offer.

Ramya now told him to leave as amma was all alone and the weather was getting bad. It had already started raining. I assured her father and asked him to go home as it was raining. He shook my hands and said “Take of her and have a safe journey”, and he turned back. Ramya seemed to be so much relieved.We started a conversation and I asked her why she was urging her father to go back. She then told me that he was not keeping good health but still came to drop her as all the relative had already left to Tirupati for the marriage of her cousin.

She was so relaxed now as her father had left. I observed her carefully now. She was about 5’ 6” tall, golden brown complexion, with athletic figure. Her eyes were dark and beautiful. She had long hair and brilliant teeth which made her smile the most captivating smile. She was a talkative lot once befriended. It had begun raining and winds were strong. It was 8 pm already and then came our bus. We had different seat numbers.

She was given a seat in the front whereas I was sitting in a 3 seat, last but one row. Even while we got into the bus, we were already drenched. There were hardly 8 passengers when the bus left the station. I was feeling sad that we were not sitting together. As the bus moved towards the outskirts of the city, she walked up to me and asked”May I sit with you?” I nodded my head and she came along with her baggage. She again asked “Can I sit near the window?” I nodded again.

The conductor checked our tickets as the bus started cruising on the highway. “What do you do? Where do you hail from? How much do you earn? How much do you spend? Are you married? Do you have a girl friend?” I was talking to the most talkative person on this planet with pleasure while admiring her beauty all through. It was still raining outside and the windows in the bus were not wind proof hence some cold air continued coming in. Almost after an hour long interview

I learn that she was pursuing her M.Sc final year in Zoology and that she was the only Child of her parents and hence pampered. She was shivering at times but insisted on the window seat. At 9:30 pm, the bus stopped outside a dhaba for dinner and the conductor asked us to finish the dinner in maximum half an hour. I was not hungry and wanted to enjoy my Vodka in the bus itself, but she was hungry, so we got off the bus. She ordered some non vegetarian food and told the boy that the bill would be paid by me.

I was smiling at this young lady who was so confident about herself and believed that whatever she decided was right. She finished her dinner in 10 minutes of time although she continued talking even while eating. Then we came back in the bus. All others passengers were travelling with their families and showed no interest in her nonstop gibberish. We sat in the bus while it was still drizzling outside. I pulled out my sprite bottle premixed with

Vodka and started sipping it. “What are you drinking? She asked and I said, “I am just trying to keep myself warm”. She snatched the bottle from my hands and gulped down four swipes even before I could react. “I hope it contains no alcohol” she said and winked. “I will also warm up” she grinned. “It does contain alcohol” I whispered and she was smiling, “I don’t care” she said. She again grabbed the bottle and gulped down 4 gulps.

I did not how to react. I was sitting with an overpowering beauty who was such a chatter box and careless person. “Did anyone tell you that you are very beautiful and you have such beautiful eyes?” I suddenly told and she looked at me with a surprise and she went silent for next 10 minutes. I started feeling guilty having offended her. I shook my head and said “I am sorry if I hurt you”. She just said it is okay and still was silent.

“Just wait for some time.” She huskily whispered. She again extended her arm and took my bottle again and gulped down twice. She whispered “Does this drink only warm you up?? I am feeling hot and drowsy.” I chucked with a sense of relief. The bus had started on its journey and the passengers were all set to sleep. The conductor switched off the lights. With hardly any passengers on board and all of them asleep, I felt as if it was a chartered bus carrying only two of us. She opened the window slightly and took out her shawl.

While she was getting her shawl out, her body was pressed my shoulders but she did not seem to care. I was enjoying the warmth of a woman’s body so I did not even make an attempt to move back. She sat down and draped herself with her shawl. “Ramya, can we not shut the window as it is getting cold?” I whispered. She moved and draped me under the same shawl. I was beginning to get horny and naughty but was not sure about her.

She moved in close and we were almost cuddling and she whispered, “Does alcohol make you think funny? Are you not feeling something? “ I said sheepishly, “I feeling like hugging you but I am not sure how you would react,”. “Why don’t you try it out and see it for yourself? “She quickly replied and moved a bit closer. I gathered some courage and let my hands slip around her waist, pulling her close to me. The scent of this woman was overpowering and then suddenly pecked on cheek and whispered in my ear “

This is how I would react” and giggled. By now I had already started fondling her boobs and the left hand already exploring her thighs. I cautiously looked all around in the bus if anyone was watching us but at 11 pm, all seemed to have slept and very occasionally some opposite headlight of a vehicle would show up. I moved closer and locked my lips on her. She tasted as sweet as honey and started probing my mouth. She was whispering huskily, “I just want you inside me now and this very moment. “

I unzipped my pant to relieve my bulging monster. She sensed that and moved her hand inside and held my penis. I again quickly glanced all around but looked like we were all alone in the bus. The cold breeze was taking away the sweat of excitement and anxiety. I started moving my fingers searching for her pussy as she moved her head inside the shawl and sucked my penis. The warmth of her mouth got my erection harder and

I was reciprocating that with quick finger fucking her. I asked her to lean against the window with her legs across me. She did just that and my penis was already rubbing into her pussy. She was now guiding me inside her rather tight love hole, dripping with excitement. With some effort I managed to push in half. She was moaning in whispers. I held her buttocks firm and plunged in deeper. She almost cried but held back.

She raised herself and our lips locked yet again in ecstasy. The gentle shove was getting harder and harder and my gentle fondle of her breasts were getting rougher as well. I raised my legs from the floor and stretched it on the seat and she moved right on top of my penis while still leaning against the window. I was unable to take it anymore and just pulled her below me, pushing her half sari above and her thighs eagle spread and lunged in deepest possible. Our hearts were pounding against each other.

We were sweating in the cold; her buttocks gyrated along my thrusts. I was holding her face in my hands and kissing her lips while ravaging her silk pussy. My thrusts were getting harder and faster and so were her movement below me. I came inside her as explosions, pulsating for over 5 minutes inside her. She seemed to be milking me out even for the last drops of my semen. “I am so lucky that I found a lover like you” I whispered into her ear. She responded back with a deep kiss. We slowly got up and settled but as if we were glued to each other. We were both feeling sleepy and cuddled into each other arms and went to sleep.

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